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Was nominated for 6 USA Emmys in 2020, 4 Emmys in Britain in 2020.

Won the 2021 social media superstar award and is the one and only Tiger King, with movies out on Netflix and Discovery ID in 123 countries.

The author of his own memoir titled, "Joe Exotic Tiger King: The Official Tell All Memoir".

Has recorded 26 country music songs and 16 country music videos.

Has been in 14 movies and one with Allison Eastwood.

His YouTube channel is JoeExoticTV, his Instagram and Twitter is joe_exotic, and he is verified on Facebook and Instagram.

He is engaged to the most handsome man in the world, whom he loves so very much, Seth Posey, and a stepfather to the cutest little boy you have ever seen.

His only official website is and he would appreciate your support.

He has one rule on his social media and that is: He doesn't go to your wall and post negative things, so don't do it on his. You will be removed for good.

He plans on touring the world with a music, comedy and magic show upon going home from this nightmare he is living.

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