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"Be a voice for people's loved ones in Federal Prison, whether they belong there or not, they don't deserve to be treated like animals."- Joe Exotic

"The big problem is that most state prisons offer better than any of this--TVs, tablets, let you video your family, send photos, buy real pillows, hot plates, pots and pans, etc. Why can't the Feds? Other than someone is making money off of repairing everything that gets tore up by people doing what they have to in order to survive in here. If you want to make money in here then do it, you will have a lot less problems if you treated people like people and not animals. I have said it once before I will say it again, NO ONE has the right to bitch about a third world country's prisons when it's this bad in America."

  • Lack of and ignored medical attention

  • Forced to eat expired food

  • Forced to eat a diet that is unhealthy for any normal human

  • Forced to live in conditions with no air circulation

  • Sick people in the FMC hospitals wearing coats, gloves and stocking hats in the mid of summer because they refuse to adjust the airSick people kept in hospital units forced to use dirty clothes as pillows

  • Sick people locked in their cells for simply asking for meds or help

  • Emergency call buttons not answered for hours at a time

  • No family ever notified if you are in the hospital, dying, or on life support or dead

  • Mold

  • Mice and rats in housing units

  • Roaches

  • Solitary confinment should be illegal and the gaurds do not allow you out an hour per day nor do they allow you to shower more then every three days.

  • Being tied to chairs and put in showers for hours for punishment has to stop!!

  • Lack of clothing provided

  • Lack of toilet tissue provided

  • Lack of hygiene products provided and not even kept in stock on the commissary

  • No shower shoes provided

  • Staff vaping in the units in front of the inmates, even on the cancer ward floor

  • Staff asleep in the unit offices during work

  • Legal mail being opened and copied before bringing it to an inmate

  • No legal calls allowed due to staff never around

  • Due process violations by not having access to lawyers

  • Dried feces and urine in holding cells

  • Federal holdovers are abusive and mistreat inmates

  • Not being able to just purchase phone minutes as wanted to speak and communicate with family

  • Not being able to have a simple photo sent in without being copied only to control the staff price on contraband brought in (just so you know taxpayers spend 50 million a year to have inmate mail copied and the drugs come in through the staff more than the mail)

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"Be America's voice. You know someone that knows someone in prison living in hell. Please take the time to write Ms. Peters."
-Joe Exotic
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