Thomas Nix of Georgia
Performing arts agent, trademark and copyright specialist. 

Wesley Todd of Florida
Lobbyist for prisoners, pardons, and prison rights. inmatelivesmatter@icloud.com

Autumn Blackledge Attorney at Law (Florida)
Now my political advisor and handles all press and legal contracts.

John Phillips Attorney at Law (Florida)
Will be rolling out some major lawsuits very soon while waiting on criminal court to rule on my case.  JMP@FloridaJustice.com

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White Rabbit Tattoo Parlour
7509 Terry Street
Fort Smith, AR 72901
Wolf Financial Group LLC Joe Exotic Approved
TomWolf CPAtomwolfcpa.org
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Orr Nissan Arkansas- Brad Cartmill-
BumpBoxx Joe Exotic Approved

Bumpboxx-  bumpboxx.com