Joe Exotic the Tiger King $TKING


Joseph Maldonado-Passage is a real person, not a TV character, a meme, or a joke. He was sentenced to 22 years on January 22, 2020 for crimes he did not commit (he has been incarcerated since Sept. 2018). He is now sitting in a federal prison awaiting an appeal because he was wrongly convicted by false testimony and suppressed evidence. He was denied interviews in an effort to silence his voice, but instead, he unexpectedly rose to fame on TV as the "Tiger King" Joe Exotic, and gained a large fan base that continues to promote his innocence and fight for his freedom.

Joe made the disturbing discovery that the criminal justice system in this country has failed not only him, but many others as well.  He has suffered and witnessed abuse while being incarcerated in our own government institutions. Because of this experience, Joe would like to advocate for criminal justice reform and speak for those who have no voice and are treated worse than animals in a zoo. He believes that prisoners have the right to be contributing members of society, instead of just a burden to the system.

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