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Carole Baskin says reports are nonsense

Big Cat Rescue CEO Carol Baskin says reports Joe Exotic has accepted help from her and her husband to get out of prison are "total nonsense."

In a statement sent to 10 Tampa Bay, Baskin says she and her husband suggested that if Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Schreivbogel, helped them get the Big Cat Public Safety Act passed they would advocate for his sentence to be reduced. But, Baskin says that isn't the case.

Exotic told Entertainment Tonight that it was time for Carole and her husband to put up or shut up because he was accepting their offer. "And I'm gonna take it one step further than that, OK? It is time to get on the phone to President Biden or whoever they need to that they've got in their little financial pocket and say, 'Hey, Joe is willing to support a big cat bill to help protect cats in America from being exploited. But we need to keep our end of the deal and get Joe a pardon because this wasn't really about murder for hire or shooting five tigers -- this was about exploiting Joe to support Carole's agenda.' So, there's the offer on the table, all right?" Read More on WTSB:

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