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Did Dogecoin Lose Momentum Because Of Joe Exotic's Tiger King Crypto?

Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) is down over 15% for the week after a major backer of the coin — the YouTuber Matt Wallace — came out in support of another cryptocurrency Tiger King (CRYPTO: TKING) that was launched by Joesph Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic.

What Happened: TKING soared a whopping 200.21% in a 24 hour period at press time to $0.00005493. For the week, the coin has shot up 1,871.05%. Read More At:

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16 ott 2023

"While Joe Exotic's 'Tiger King' crypto added to the flurry of meme-inspired cryptocurrency exchange platform, attributing Dogecoin's momentum shifts solely to it might be an oversimplification. The crypto market is influenced by myriad factors, and it's essential to consider the broader landscape before drawing conclusions. Still, pop culture plays an undeniable role in crypto trends!"

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