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EXCLUSIVE: Tiger King blasted 'fake drama' by Joe Exotic’s team as new 'authentic' series planned

Joe Exotic's power of attorney, Tami Springer, has promised a new series featuring unseen footage of the former zoo owner will allow fans to see the real Joe

By Jamie Roberts Showbiz Reporter 02:41, 30 Nov 2022

UPDATED 02:49, 30 Nov 2022

A new series focusing on Joe Exotic has been teased and is set to show him "more authentically," according to his team.

A short clip was shared on the former zoo owner's social media page on Tuesday and his power of attorney, Tami Springer, has vowed the unseen footage will let fans see the real Joe.

The 59-year-old was the main star of hit Netflix series Tiger King which followed his life as well as a number of other big cat owners stateside.

However, after criticising the production, Tami has revealed the new series, made from footage stored on Joe's personal computer, will be raw and "real".

Speaking to the Mirror, Tami said: "We believe that the new series shows Joe more authentically, without all the editing and paid interviews that Tiger King had. The new show comes from all unseen footage that was stored on his computers."

She went on to claim fans will be able to see "the truth" and "not a fake documentary with an agenda".

The social media tease of the series stated: "If you were addicted to Tiger King you will need a valium for this."

Joe is currently part way through a 21-year prison sentence after being convicted of two plots to hire two separate men to kill Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin.

Tami continued: "Obviously, Joe is still in prison, so none of it has been filmed recently, but it is all fresh material. Joe has overcome many obstacles, including COVID, cancer, abuse and neglect, and now he has the biggest obstacle of all - fighting for his freedom."

She explained the hope behind the new series is to help keep the public's attention firmly on Joe's case, insisting he is "an innocent man" who is "very much still in need of help".

Earlier this month, Joe was moved to a new prison amid his on-going health issues which has seen him vomit every day for the past six months.

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