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JOE EXOTIC DIVORCE FINALIZED... Split from Dillon Official


Joe Exotic is officially single again in the eyes of the law, because his divorce is on the record and in the books ... signed, sealed and delivered.

The "Tiger King" star had his dissolution of marriage from now ex-husband Dillon Passage finalized Tuesday in Santa Rosa County, FL ... with a judge signing off on each dude going off into the world as unattached and unhitched, according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

It's been a long time coming -- Joe and Dillon have been separated for years now, but their divorce wasn't filed until last March, and there've been a few hiccups along the way ... not to mention new romances for both.

As you know ... JE has been on and off with at least a couple other guys while behind bars, and was even set to marry one of his fellow inmates -- that is, before things fell apart in June.

Now that the divorce with Dillon is done, we imagine Joe might pull the trigger in the future. He seems to get smitten pretty easily, and who doesn't love 'em some Exotic in their life? Anyhoo, the only other thing that's noteworthy is that Joe's getting his old name back.

He was previously known as Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, but the Passage is gone ... and he's back to this three-name moniker once more. Of course, he'll always be known as one thing for many. What that is ... well, we suppose that depends on who you ask.

Joe and Dillon had no children, and everything else was hashed out in an agreed-upon settlement. Joe was repped by attorney Autumn Beck Blackledge throughout the proceedings.


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