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Tiger King Joe Exotic says ‘I’m going to die of cancer in jail – the docs don’t give a s**t"

In an explosive interview with SunOnline, the former zookeeper slammed Fort Worth Medical Center alleging he has seen an "outrageous" number of "dead people wheeled out" of the facility. He said jail doctors are "rude and don’t give a sh**", even though he needs specialist blood transfusions and even claimed they "just let you die".

Exotic revealed earlier this year he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and begged to be freed in order to get “proper medical care".

The Netflix star - who is serving 22 years for a plot to hire a hitman to kill rival zookeeper Carole Baskin - has branded his medical treatment "pathetic" and says he wants to out the "truth".

He told The Sun: "This is crazy how they put people in here and just let you die.

"The things that I’ve seen and the dead people I’ve seen wheeled out of here is outrageous and it’s time that our president and our politicians hear the truth.”

His powerful words come days after it was announced his term would be re-sentenced following a "trial error". Read Entire Story:

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