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Tiger King's Joe Exotic reveals cancer is in remission one year after diagnosis

Joe Exotic has shared the news that his cancer is in remission as he gave fans a major health update.

The Tiger King star – who is still in prison after being sentenced to 22 years for trying to hire two different men to kill animal rights activist Carole Baskin – is hoping to be ‘done’ with his battle with the disease after receiving some positive news.

He tweeted: ‘Today the doctor informed me that my cancer is in remission, so now I just have to wait for the blood test to come back and I will be done with all this.’

His followers were pleased by the news, with one fan replying: ‘Such great news!! Now get to healing and feeling better.’

While another added: ‘Best News Ever!!! (sic)’

The former zoo owner revealed his cancer diagnosis in May 2021, as he shared a string of messages about his symptoms and begged to be freed from prison for treatment.

‘The prison has approved testing to verify what stage it is in. My body is tired, I have lost a tremendous amount of weight, the mouth sores are out of control, I throw up more than I eat,’ he said at the time.

Back in November, the 58-year-old was transferred to a medical centre during his incarceration to help him cope with his condition.

Last summer, he insisted he was ‘ready to die’ after believing the cancer had spread to to his pelvis and stomach.

He said: ‘When we find out where and how bad it is I will decide if I am going to do treatment. If it’s stage three or four I am going to let it take me.’

Meanwhile, he recently announced his engagement to fellow jailbird John Graham after they met in prison, and Joe is still waiting for his divorce from Dillon Passage to be finalized before they can tie the knot.

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