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Joe Exotic determined to 'beat the system' after battling Covid and cancer in prison

Tami Springer Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic will not give up hope on receiving a pardon from US president Joe Biden as he continues his fight for freedom, according to his Power of Attorney Tami Springer.

The star of hit Netflix documentary series Tiger King was resentenced to 21 years in jail in January after his appeal to be freed was rejected.

However, Tami says the 59-year-old, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, is determined to "beat the system" and once again live as a free man after being told his cancer is in remission.

Speaking to The Mirror, Tami described how Joe had recently received "very good" news regarding his prostate cancer diagnosis.

She said: "The doctor at his facility told Joe that his PSA [prostate-specific antigen] levels are almost zero, which is very good. "They consider him to be in remission after completing 45 radiation treatments this spring."

And she described the former zookeeper as "a fighter" who will continue to speak his mind and push for his sentence to be cut.

She continued: "He beat COVID in prison, he beat cancer, and now he has to beat the system and gain his freedom."

Tami urged fans to keep his fight in the public eye, confessing he "needs our help". "We must all be loud for them to listen," she pleaded.

The former big cat owner was originally jailed for 22 years in January 2020 after being convicted of trying to hire two separate men to kill Carole Baskin.

Prosecutors said he had offered an undercover FBI agent $10,000 to kill Carole, who runs a rescue sanctuary for big cats in Florida.

Despite their claims, Joe maintains his innocence and his attorneys said during the case that he wasn't being serious. And Tami now says they have significant evidence that would "change the jury's perception of the witnesses' testimony" in the case against him.

She believes it would "destroy their credibility" which could affect the eventual outcome and help Joe walk free. SOURCE: Joe Exotic determined to 'beat the system' after battling Covid and cancer in prison - Mirror Online

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