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'Tiger King' Joe Exotic's Husband Dillon Files Prenup.. Joe Cries Fraud!!!

UPDATE: 6:54 AM PT -- 5/30 -- Dillon's lawyer, Parastoo Majd, tells TMZ, the prenup was presented to Dillon by Joe "to protect him from Joseph's debts, including debts owed to Carole Baskin." The attorney says there were multiple witnesses to the signing, including a notary, adding the attempt by Joe's attorney to serve a flurry of subpoenas over this is harassment.

And, Dillon's attorney fired this shot ... "It is unfortunate that [Joe] feels he needs to be dishonest; however, not surprising given his character, criminal history, and jail sentence. 'Tiger King' is no longer, but [Joe] seemingly wishes to keep his name in the press under the cloak of this dissolution of marriage proceeding."

His lawyer also added, "We remain willing and able to have a settlement conference and I will be contacting the opposing side to present this course of action."


Joe Exotic's estranged husband, Dillon Passage, has filed a prenup in their divorce case, and Joe's lawyer tells TMZ, it's actually a money grab and the prenup is fraudulent.

On the surface, this seems weird, because you'd think Joe would be the one who would want a prenup, but his lawyer, Autumn Blackledge, says there was never such a document.

Dillon's lawyer filed the prenup Friday, which keeps the property and assets each brought into the marriage and the property and assets they acquired during the marriage separate.

Blackledge says Joe never signed such a document and she believes this is a stall tactic on Dillon's part to delay a final divorce decree, so he can continue to make money off his relationship with Joe.

She goes on to allege Dillon has been on a tear, selling some of Joe's personal items for personal gain while Joe sits behind bars ... speaking of which, Blackledge claims Dillon has never visited Joe in prison.

According to the document, Joe's deep in financial debt. She says his assets total $65,000 and his debts are an astonishing $100,052,000. She says his annual income is $7,800.

According to the document, Dillon owes $20k in student loans and has $110 in his checking account, with a net worth of $20,110.

Sounds like neither has anything to speak of, yet Blackledge claims Dillon has made more than $1 million off the 'Tiger King' franchise.

Joe filed for divorce in March after 4 years of marriage.

Dillon’s lawyer Parastoo Majd says, "The prenuptial agreement was entered into legally by both parties and I will have a full statement after the holiday weekend."

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