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Joe Exotic says he's 'vomiting everything' as he struggles to heal from cancer treatment

Joe Exotic has revealed he's been "vomiting everything I eat" for the past 52 days as he opened up on his health.

Netflix's Tiger King star, 59, opened up on his recent health issues as he revealed he is in remission after being diagnosed with an aggressive prostate cancer in November last year.

Despite his latest medical breakthrough, he is struggling with the healing process after radiation as he is suffering with common variable immunodeficiency.

Common variable immunodeficiency is an immune deficiency disease where a patient has low levels of protective antibodies and therefore has an increased risk of infections. Joe, who's real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, wrote a letter from prison, where he is understood to be in a medical facility for federal inmates in North Carolina, which was shared on his Twitter profile.

Entitled "medical update" the note read: "Well my cancer is in remission which is good. But with me having 'CVID' not Covid-19 we can't get my bladder to heal or prostate from all the radiation.

"Today makes 52 days of blot clots and blood when I pee when some of the nurse's are concerned.

"Been putting in sick calls weekly but it's the federal government, like they are now going to pay everyone's child care now. "Once Tami gets the billboards going up. Please help get them put up across America. My voice is the voice of many. This must change."

He then signed off with: "Love all Joe Exotic."

Joe has been working with his Power of Attorney Tami Springer to fight for his freedom after having an appeal rejected earlier this year.

The Netflix star, who is said to have 'changed forever' in prison, was sentenced to 22 years in prison in January 2020 after being convicted of two plots to hire two separate men to kill Carole Baskin. SOURCE: Joe Exotic says he's 'vomiting everything' as he struggles to heal from cancer treatment - Mirror Online

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1 Comment

Jul 09, 2022

I'm so glad t h ey are finally going to get this case heard. We all know the time doesn't fit anywhere in this case. Stay strong joe.

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