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Pro Set Joe Exotic Autograph Cards Released

Leaf is making Pro Set more exotic. They’re making Joe Exotic autograph cards.

Exotic shot to fame in 2020 thanks to a Netflix series documenting his animal center and the rivalry that rose between him and Carole Baskin.

Leaf has a pair of Joe Exotic cards available to order through their website. There’s a standard card that will be printed-to-order. These are $7.99 for individual copies, $4.99 each for 10-19 copies or $3.99 each for 20 or more. The autograph also has an open print run. That said, Leaf has a limited amount of total signatures available so if they sell through that number, it’ll be pulled from their site. Autographs are $49.99 each.

Both cards are being offered through August 15. Read Entire Article:

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