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My road to punishment

I was arrested on Sept 7, 2018 and shipped in a dog box on the back of a pickup to a shit hole named Santa Rosa County Jail in Florida, where I spent a couple weeks with no contact to anyone--laying in holding cells with dried shit, piss, and blood on the floors and walls and black mold covering the ceilings.

Then I was shipped in a prison bus to Tallahassee, Florida, and then shipped to the world's biggest shithole, Atlanta Georgia Prison, where I spent a few more weeks in the government's most corrupt shithole you could find with mice running in and out under the door of my cell and a young black kid smoking K2 to the point that he nearly drowned in his own vomit--and do you think at any point one of the guards gave a shit?

Hell no, they are the ones who sold it to him out of a cell they set up as a store for the inmates.

Then I am chained up like a monkey and put on a plane with nearly 200 other inmates chained up--nothing like you saw Brittney Griner treated in Russia--and flown to Oklahoma City, where I was placed in solitary confinement butt naked my first day in the government's number one contracted shithole called Grady County Jail. This is where they have a contract with the U.S. Marshals office to hold over 400 federal inmates and which is where I spent the next year in isolation and solitary confinement

until March 25, of 2020, living in the same dried shit,

piss, and blood to the point I contracted Hepatitis A.

Why? So I couldn't get bond, thanks to my piece of shit niece, who helped put me here so she could screw my mom and dad over and take their house and land for free and sign the zoo over to Carole for free, only because keeping me in prison would allow her to get my parents power of attorney away from me. Then she slapped them in separate nursing homes, so they would die apart and she robbed them blind with the help of Carole and Howard Baskin. And please don't forget my attorney has my own brother on a recorded phone call saying he was part of this from the beginning with Howard Baskin.

So, during my stay at Grady County, I had the luxury of being put in a very small change-out closet by a guard named Mays, which is where he gave me an option to perform oral sex on him and, when that didn't work out, 8 guards stripped me naked and tied me to a chair, then put me in a dark shower for so long the skin came off of my arms--the exact shower they put Justin Thao in when he killed himself.

Finally, I was sent to the prison in Fort Worth, Texas where, once again, for who I am, not for what I have done because I had never been in prison before.

They put me in the hole for my first 89 days of prison which began on March 25, 2020 and, once out of the hole, I was housed in a warehouse part of the prison hospital until February 2021, where I was moved to the gym to live on a cot for the next month, and in March 2021, I was finally allowed to be around people.

Why was this kind of mental and physical abuse done to me? Only because of Netflix's Tiger King and the government agents who set this whole damn thing up, who did not want me talking. During the time in Texas, while in the hole and isolation, I was written disciplinary shots (violations) and my phone, email,  and  commissary were taken away on and off until November 2021. I was given shots for things like calling home and my husband putting me on speaker phone to talk to my sister-in-law and the rest of the family that was in the house, which every inmate in this system does every day, and nobody but me gets in trouble.

Then I call and his car speaker answers the phone and I get a shot for that as well. Then a guard brings me two stamps from a guy across the hall and hands them to me and I pay him back and I get a shot for that also. Anything they could do to make me look like a troublemaker, so that when it came time to get my resentencing, they could fly that around in front of the judge to make me look bad, instead of giving me very much time off because, by then, he had already been given the evidence that they all committed perjury and had a plot to kill me, but he gave me only one year off, which came to about the same amount of good time the prison took away from me for all the phone shots.

You have no chance of winning at anything in here. I got shipped to North Carolina November 16th, 2021 for cancer, where they kept me in solitary next to the Unabomber until March 2022. Why? because my attorney came to visit on December 3, 2021 and one of the staff brought me 3 pieces of paper to my side of the room to read and they left them in there with me, so when he stopped the legal visit, I was in there with three papers I didn't start with and they wrote me a shot for circumventing the mail. They took my rights away until June 2022 again, but the best part is, this lady guard lied on all of the paper work and held my legal mail to my attorney with my medical records for three months, so I could not use them at my resentencing hearing.

Now I am back at Fort Worth ready to go back to the hole for violating cell phone policies, which are brought in by the staff and sold to inmates for $3000- $4500 each, and it basically forces you to use one to fight for your life because the staff in the BOP don't give a rats ass about you fighting your case. All prison phone calls are monitored, emails are read so you have no privacy to fight your case without the government knowing your angle or what you are finding out about how to fight your case. Legal calls are next to impossible to get and when you do they are never private, and you are rushed to finish because the staff don't want to sit there while you talk to your lawyers.

My emails have been monitored like I am some kind of serial killer, and when the staff are not at work on weekends, it could take 2-3 days for my emails to even make it out. Other inmates that have far worse cases get their emails in and out within two hours and there are many who even use a text service because you are only allowed so many contacts in the computer. But because of Tiger King and the government knowing my case is all bullshit, they got me on this watch list so they know what I am doing to fight my case and how to stop me from winning at any of this.This Judge has now been sitting on my motion for a new trial for a year and 5 weeks, knowing that I cannot get a pardon while a motion is in play, and the only way I can do anything is to withdraw my motion, which will prevent me from filing a new one. Corrupt to the core.

How can Chelsea get away with getting my mom's power of attorney, putting her name on all of my mom's mineral rights and stuff in Kansas that she had no right to, stealing her house and property, giving the zoo to her co-conspirators, Carole and Howard Baskin, and no one gets charged with elderly abuse or fraud? The reason Chelsea hates me to start with is because I caught her stealing my dad's VA money out of his and mom's bank account and buying lawn mowers and shit to start her husband's business.

Why is Jeff Lowe allowed to keep frauding little old ladies like my mom, Cheryl Scott and this Joelle lady out of tens of thousands of dollars and the Feds just keep protecting him? He forces his own wife to take drugs and have sex with others for his pleasure. Yes, its all there on my Instagram recorded by Lauren herself and given to my attorneys. Then take James Garrettson--stolen IDs, fake IDs, bank fraud, and helping Jeff with sex trafficking. And this is all on tape from their very cell phones they gave my attorneys and forgot to erase.

How is this being overlooked, not just by the government, but by everyone? They admitted to this shit under oath on camera to my attorneys, and it is all on YouTube. Then Allen Glover, the hitman, admitted to perjury and a plot to kill me that he and Jeff had and it was aired on Netflix in season 2. You can't make this shit up--but the White House won't respond or make this right.

Then we have Eric Goode from Royal Good Productions, who made Tiger King. This piece of shit is on phone recordings paying James Garrettson and all of them out of the witness room $5,000 each during my trial to keep the narrative going so he could make a fucking movie and make millions, all while destroying my entire life. This alone should be witness tampering and so much more.Money, fame, and greed is the only reason I am here. It's the only reason I will never walk out of here when you add the government corruption to all of this.

No one cares about the truth. To this day, not one news outlet--Fox, CNN, Newsmax or anyone else--have reported the video confessions of perjury or what was in season two of Tiger King about them admitting to lying and a plot to kill me. I am just suppose to accept this. 

This is what President Biden promised to reform. To this day he has done nothing to fix anything in this system. The next President won't either. This is how your family and loved ones are being treated as well. One day it will be your turn. They will come for you when you least expect it or you do something they don't approve of.

Good Luck.

Joe Exotic

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