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Tiger King Returns: Netflix confirms Tiger King WILL be back for Season 2- and sooner than you think

It's been 18 months since Tiger King took the world by storm, with Joe Exotic shooting to super stardom. And now the streaming service has announced that Tiger King 2 is "coming soon," at the top of the show's synopsis page.

While Netflix hasn't given a specific release date for the new season, a "coming soon" message is usually advertised two to three months before new programmes come out. Read Entire Story At:

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Sep 01, 2021

It will only be good if Joe gets out and it concentrates on him rebuilding his life. He did some wrong things, but should be out. 22 years was an absolute failure of the justice system. People that actually commit murder have gotten lighter sentences. No real evidence that he actually hired anyone. Everyone has a bad person in their life that they wished was dead. Like all of us, that doesn't mean that we plan on murdering that person.

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