LOUDEST ROAR: Joe Exotic Releases Never Seen Footage

LOUDEST ROAR: Joe Exotic the Tiger King, (Joseph Maldonado-Passage) is releasing never seen before footage exclusively at JoeExoticUSA.com

Joe Exotic is giving the world raw and uncut EXCLUSIVE videos of what really happened that the 2020 Netflix series ‘Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness’ did not reveal. The first video released August 18, 2021 on JoeExoticUSA.com focuses on Saff, an employee at the G.W.Zoo immediately at the time of an arm injury in 2013. Viewers are warned of graphic content before viewing. In the never seen before footage, viewers will see the real Joe Exotic that is in command of the medical situation with Saff. Joe saved his life as Exotic is seen barking orders to everyone standing around helpless. Joe is the obvious hero of the situation and viewers will be left wondering why the editors chose to make the entire situation humorous rather than focusing on how he saved her life and the real story. It is time for Joe to tell and show the real story- not the shit show Netflix wanted viewers to see by concentrating and laughing at his ambulance jacket instead of honoring his medical expertise. Joe is currently serving 22 years and has recently had an appeal approved in regards to resentencing. Mr. Maldonado-Passage’s lead attorney, John M. Phillips is in possession of newly discovered evidence which not only shows government misconduct, but witness perjury. Justice is coming for Joe. Certain facts presented at the first trial were a preordained script. Additional exclusive videos will be soon on JoeExoticUSA.com www.JoeExoticUsa.com

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