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‘Tiger King star Joe Exotic speaks from jail

Joe Exotic is still making headlines from behind prison walls and is calling for President Joe Biden to undo what he says is a "kidnapping" by the Department of Justice "for political agenda."

The "Tiger King" star’s diatribe came on Thursday when Exotic – real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage – spoke via prison phone in audio obtained by Fox News to accept an honor for "Tiger King" which won the Social Media Superstar Award in the Entertainment Category – beating Disney’s "The Mandalorian," "Bridgerton," Warner Brothers' "Wonder Woman," and Warner Music's "Dua Lipa 2054" event.

"I would like to say thank you for this award and thank you to the millions of people around the world who saw through the editing, the agenda and the paid interviews to see the real Joe Exotic – the real guy who has compassion and love for his animals, for the homeless and for the sick, but most of all, for humanity as a whole," Exotic began in a nearly three-minute phone speech. It was only the second time Exotic has ever spoken from prison. Read More on FoxNews:

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