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Joe Exotic’s Cannabis Brand To Launch After Court Overturned His Murder-For-Hire Plot Sentence

Joe Exotic might be getting out of prison earlier than expected after a federal court on Wednesday overturned his 22-year sentence for his conviction in a murder-for-hire plot and multiple violations of federal wildlife laws. But no matter if Joe Exotic stays in prison, or gets released early, it seems his goal this summer is to get people stoned. Later this month, the mulleted, gun-toting former zookeeper’s cannabis brand Joe’s Exotics will launch with Delta-8-THC products, including pre-rolled joints, gummies and cannabinoid-infused seltzer aptly named “Tiger Piss,” across 37 states. (Delta-8, the most exciting, and most psychoactive compound in the hemp industry, is legal to sell outside of regulated dispensaries thanks to a legal loophole.) Later this summer, his brand will launch THC products—flower, vaporizers, and joints—in dispensaries in California with an eye to expand to Nevada and Oklahoma in the fall. Read Entire Article At:

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