Pardon Joe Exotic.jpg

President Biden & Vice President Harris:

My name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage "Joe Exotic." This is from being strapped naked in a chair and put in a shower so long the skin came off my wrists. This is in federal custody.

There was vomit on the floor from the last person in there and a young man named Justin Thao died in that same shower.

It's going on over 4 years of me trying to get the DOJ to listen that everyone admitted to perjury in my trial, but I have spent over 2 years in solitary because you don't want to listen.

But yet, you will trade prisoners with Russia and no one answers to the abuse in American prisons or perjury in court. I have suffered enough for nothing. It's time to sign my pardon that is on your desk and let me go home. You both promised change. Don't you think it's time?

Thank you,

Joe Exotic